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Inspired by 90's and 2000's 3D platformers, Cosmo Vulpes is a sci-fi adventure where your main tool is the jetpack. Play as Klaus, a bounty hunter fox, with his jetpack and other gadgets developed by his friend fennec Safira, complete his missions and explore new worlds.

Energy is something extremely valuable, a bounty hunter fox called Klaus together with his long time friend Safira explores the galaxy looking for missions and rewards to pay their bills, collecting Energy Gears and the Vultech Crystals, a powerful font of energy, he uses all the tools provided by the little fox, mainly his jetpack, while she do all the tech work.

Explore through amazing worlds while completing your missions. Each one has as unique setting and unexpected thing happening!

In this version there are 4 levels to play:

-The tutorial level, where you can learn how to play the game.-

Green Ruins
-The first world of the game, there are 5 Vultech Crystals that you can obtain, and a Rival Challenge to complete.-

Hard Ice Land

-The level from Klaus' previous adventure, you can collect 3 Vultech Crystals.-

Challenge Space
-A level to challenge the Klaus' abilities, how fast can you beat it?-

Silver Star II
- Also known as Klaus' signature item, using the jetpack will keep you in the air until the power runs out, it's very useful for getting through big gaps, it also makes vertical movements more efficient. Klaus' moves make the jetpack's energy supply recharge faster, collecting Energy Gears and destroying enemies also gives it some energy. -

- It automatically locks the nearest targets or enemies, when activated Klaus zips towards the target and launches him upon impact. -

- The longer you hold, the further the Proto-Bomb will be launched, it will self-destroy after a few seconds or if it touches an enemy, you can explode it before if you try to active again. -

- The Holo-Trampoline can only be launched if Klaus is on the ground. When touching the ground it will stay in place and disappears after a few seconds, touching it while in position will launch Klaus into the air. -

- When launching the U-Wind, after a certain distance it will automatically return to Klaus, destroying enemies that touch it. Holding the activation button will cause it to stay in place for a few seconds, creating a wind that can levitate Klaus. -

- The Hi-Bounce makes Klaus fall even faster, when he touches the ground it creates an impact that will launch him into air and can destroy enemies. Using it three times in a row makes it launches Klaus even further into air each time. -

Gravity Rush
- Activating this will slow down the time for a few moments and making Klaus stop in the air. Using it again during this will launch Klaus in the direction that you are looking -

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Download the Character Renders, Logos, and Screenshots!


Cosmo Vulpes - SAGE 22 - Alpha 227 MB

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That was a good play, similar to my previous experience I look forward to the rest, I didn't get to discover some REALLY important parts until later in the video but I think I did well.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer


Thank you!! We're happy that you liked!
We realized several important things to fix and to add thanks to your gameplay